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I made the journey from the “Alps” of Michigan to the shores of Lake Tahoe and was immediately blown away.  From working as a blackjack dealer in the evenings in order to not miss a powder day  to twenty years later being able to own a place of my own.  Tahoe is a magical place and being able to share the experience with others is a privilege.

Tahoe Local – Journalist – Paddleboarder

I am a freelance writer based in North Lake Tahoe, one of America’s premier destinations. For the last 20 years, I have written a variety of content including: press releases, magazine/newspaper articles, blog posts, website pages, and books. (I had my first article published in Launch wakeboard magazine when I was 15 years old.) I am currently a regular contributor to Enjoy magazines, The Tahoe Weekly, the Sparks Tribune,  and Nevada Gram. My latest published articles are found below, or feel free to access the digital versions of my 2019 articles2018 articles2017 articles, and 2016 articles.


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Soprano singer and blog writer from Chile. She loves to spend her time with her kids, cross the Golden Gate bridge from time to time and helps her husband to prepare Chilean empanadas. 


He enjoy to play with tech toys, including but not limited to drones, 360° cameras, battle bots, etc. From Chile too, his specialization is cooking Empanadas, prepare cocktails such “Afírmate Juan” or “Killer Mojitos” among other international and Chilean delicatessen.

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