Promoting Safe & Informative Travel for Visitors to Lake Tahoe


Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau promoting safe, informative travel for visitors to North Tahoe region

Lake Tahoe is a west coast dream – providing snow-capped mountains for winter sports in the colder months of the year, and warm, sunny beach days spent on the lake in the summer. With the perfect lifestyle balance between cold and warm weather that Lake Tahoe represents, it makes for the perfect vacation spot for many individuals traveling from out of town and into the Tahoe Basin.

As Covid statistics overall are low, the summer season is in full swing, and many local organizations in the region are planning for a bustling and busy summer. To keep locals, tourists, businesses, and others accountable, The Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau is providing educational tools, programs, and more for those that are traveling into North Lake Tahoe for their summer vacation.

“We have a feeling that [this] summer will also be very busy, similar to last year’s summer,” Andy Chapman, President/CEO of the Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau said. “People are really gravitating towards outdoor, open spaces, which the Tahoe region in general, and specifically Incline Village/Crystal Bay area have plenty of that open, active space.”

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The Visitors Bureau decided to take a different approach to the summer tourist season and instead of creating advertisements in populous areas around the nation as the organization has done in years past, they are progressively educating the visitors that have already planned their vacations to the region for this year with key messaging surrounding responsible travel to the Tahoe area.

“We’d typically be out there promoting travel, but we feel that there will be plenty of that already, so we’re putting that on hold and more so focusing on key messaging to visitors while they’re here in market,” Chapman said.

Considering that Tahoe is such a desired vacation destination, this tactic is being put in place a year ago from last summer, as it was assumed that travel to the area would decrease significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year; but in fact, even with state restrictions in place, travel to the area was still high.

To kick off the summer season, the main key message point that the Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau is putting out there is informing responsible travel in content and messaging.

“We want to inform visitors how to travel responsibly through messaging – meaning what should a visitor expect when they’re here and what do [locals] expect of them when they’re here,” Chapman said. “We also have a series of content videos and other content points about responsible travel available online to inform everyone in a positive and progressive way.”

Along with advocating for responsible travel, the Visitors Bureau is also asking visitors to take the ‘Travel and Responsibility Pledge’ that the organization created.

“We’re really putting a lot of effort into this pledge and getting people involved into signing the pledge,” Chapman said. “Primarily [we] are able to digitally promote this through cellphones of the visitors that are here.”

The pledge states that whether local or visitor, all should pledge that we should be mindful our impact, and respectful of the magnificent environment of North Lake Tahoe. The pledge is simple, yet powerful in ways that preserve and protect the area and the community.

Visitors, vacation homeowners, and locals alike should travel responsibly to the Lake Tahoe area by following the six pledge commitments:

  • Commit to exploring the Lake Tahoe region responsibly and help to preserve Tahoe’s treasured spaces by leaving them better than when you found them.
  • Do your part to preserve Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty, do your part by packing out what you pack in.
  • Check weather conditions ahead of your visit and prepare in advance for outdoor experiences so you stay safe.
  • Observe wildlife from a respectable distance to ensure your safety and theirs, and never feed wildlife.
  • Exercise extreme caution during red-flag conditions. Lake Tahoe is uniquely vulnerable to wildfire.
  • Kindness goes a long way in Tahoe communities, speak kindly to people you encounter on public lands.

Rooted in preservation tactics, education, and mindfulness, the pledge reminds all that travel to and within the Lake Tahoe basin surrounding areas to travel with awareness and observe the impact of individual actions. Layered into each of the six pledges are actionable steps that individuals can take such as participating in a beach clean-up with Tahoe Blue Crew’s, drinking Tahoe Tap from a reusable water bottle, and reminding people to absolutely leave no trace.

It’s also important to note that the pledge encourages all visitors, vacation homeowners, and locals alike to support small businesses. Along with the Travel Responsibility Pledge, the Visitors Bureau is offering a “Partner Toolkit” for local organizations, businesses, and locals to spread the message about this pledge. In this toolkit, individuals will receive downloadable photos for social media, the Travel Responsibility Pledge logo and icons, and video links at no cost.

“Please share this [partner toolkit] across your channels and help remind both guests and residents that it takes all of us working together to protect and preserve our beautiful home,” the North Lake Tahoe Chamber press release stated.

Lake Tahoe Traveler’s Responsibility Pledge – Videos from Go Tahoe North

Complementing the education of safe travel to Tahoe visitors, the Visitors Bureau is also promoting a new pilot transit program.

“The Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau is providing the funding for a trial period for about 75 days. It will run from June 24 – Labor Day weekend,” Chapman said. “It’s a free transit shuttle. We have three vans in Incline Village/Crystal Bay, and roughly six vans on the California side. The goal is trying to get people to leave their cars wherever they are and jump on the shuttles, ultimately bringing less traffic overall into the area.”

Along with this pilot program, there are also several transit systems throughout the region that are promoting taking public transit into the area, rather than bringing your own car. Operated by the Tahoe Transportation District is the East Shore Express, providing conveniency and affordability to visitors who are wanting to travel to Sand Harbor without dealing with parking or traffic.

Tahoe Transportation District’s website states that: “choosing the East Shore Express helps reduce congestion on parts of State Route 28 corridor, designated as a national scenic byway. Fewer cars mean better protection of our natural resources, plus improved bicyclist and pedestrian safety.”

Other public transit options in the area include Truckee-Tahoe Transit, which has several routes throughout the North Lake Tahoe area and the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County’s seasonal, pilot FlexRIDE program, taking visitors from Reno to Incline Village area/Sand Harbor.

While the Incline Village/Crystal Bay community is anticipating a busy summer season, the Visitors Center is looking forward to accommodating and educating all in the area a safe, enjoyable summer.

“We’re here at the Visitors Center, open seven days a week. We encourage our visitors to come in so we can point them in the direction that they want to go,” Chapman said. “We want to help our visitors understand what demand and capacity issues there may be at certain trailheads, beaches and other public, typically active areas. We can really help the visitors navigate the best options for them to accommodate their stay and make it a great vacation for them but also safe for our environment and community.”

Visitors can visit the Incline Village & Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau at 969 Tahoe Blvd., Incline Village, Nev. 89451.

For more information on safe travel to the North Lake Tahoe area, visit:

For more information on responsible travel and the Responsible Travel Pledge, visit:

For more information on North Lake Tahoe public transportation resources:

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