Lake Tahoe Webcams | Live Look at Lake, Road and Mountain Conditions

Lake Tahoe Webcams | Live Look at Lake, Road and Mountain Conditions

What are the Current Conditions on Lake Tahoe?

Whether planning your day in Lake Tahoe or just daydreaming from your desk, Lake Tahoe Webcams offer a great way to see the current weather conditions on Lake Tahoe, the highways leading to the lake, and the ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada.

What are the Best Lake Tahoe Webcams?

There are cameras from a wide variety of organizations that can give you a clear view of everything from boat ramps to snowfall on the top of your favorite resort. Here is a comprehensive list of live webcams for Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas separated into various categories and seasons.

South Lake Tahoe webcams will get you everything from beach activity to traffic to even wildfire activity in the area.  In the Winter, you’ll get an up to date view of snowfall at Kirkwood or Heavenly. 

North Lake Tahoe webcams will give you a great idea of how crowded the beach is to launch your paddleboard, an idea of the traffic to your summer concert to even seeing what the lines are like at Northstar’s bike park.   For the Winter, you can compare Palisades Tahoe to Northstar to Mt. Rose and more to choose your riding destination for the day. 

Winter | Resort & Road Webcams

Lake Tahoe area resorts are extremely popular and combined with winter weather can make travel challenging.  Planning ahead and adjusting for the forecast are important, but a last minute check of the Tahoe traffic webcams can be a savior.

For conditions at your favorite resort, a quick look at their webcam can give you insight into lift lines as well as current conditions at the base and summit.  After all, location and altitude can make the difference between rain, snow or even whether or not there is any precipitation.

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe Mountain Webcams Link

The webcams at Mt. Rose at 8,260 feet of elevation will give an idea for what is going on at the mountain as well as nearby Reno and the East shore of Lake Tahoe.  


Palisades Tahoe Webcams

Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows) has an excellent array of webcams.  In some cases it may be raining at the base and blizzard conditions at the top of the mountain so these work for days that you ski & ride or are just at your computer.

Summer @ Lake Tahoe | Sun, Wind, Water, Smoke & Traffic

Summer in the Lake Tahoe area is a very popular time.  Beaches, Boating, Hiking, Biking and more are all extremely popular along with the many festivals and outdoor events.  Before you get on the road or carry the paddleboard down to the like, have a look at one of the many live cameras that are available.

What are the Current conditions on Lake Tahoe?

Of particular interest for summer and fall visits to Tahoe, utilizing one of these Tahoe Cameras will let you see the current conditions on the Lake for renting a Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayak, Jet Ski, Rent a Boat or just hang out on the beach with a nice evening cocktail.  As an added bonus, if you are stranded in the office or its winter and you may just want to check out some snow falling on the lake or a good storm they help with that as well.

Tahoe Wildfire cameras like those from ALERT Wildfire are placed throughout the Sierra Nevada and beyond and are worth a check before your next hike into Desolation Wilderness.

Edgewood Tahoe Resort Summer Webcam link

Edgewood Resort Tahoe’s Webcam: A premier destination on Lake Tahoe’s South shore with access to the lake and one of the finest golf courses in Tahoe.


Incline Village Ski Beach boat ramp webcam
Incline Village Ski Beach & Boat Ramp: Interested in seeing how the crowds are for launching your boat or even a look at the status of the beach volleyball court as well as the lake, this webcam is for you.
Watermans Landing Webcam - Patton Beach Carnelian Bay, CA
This camera at Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian Bay, CA in North Lake Tahoe not only gives a great view of Patton Beach and the lake conditions, but also lets you run to the beach, rent a SUP or Kayak and be paddling on Lake Tahoe in no time.
Homewood Ski Resort view of Lake Tahoe - ALERTWildfire cam
Alert Wildfire is a group of Universities that have put together cameras throughout the region.  With a focus on Wildfire, these webcams also offer a great view of Mountain and Lake conditions.

Mountain Webcams | Views from Lake Tahoe’s World Class Ski Resorts

Sunnyside Marina view of West Lake Tahoe - Tahoetopia
Sunnyside Marina & Resort’s webcam has a great view of the beach, tables and Lake Tahoe.
Homewood Mountain Resort Tahoe winter screenshot
With some of the best Lake Tahoe views at Homewood it feels as if you may end up skiing into Lake Tahoe.   Hiking, Skiing, and even getting hitched these cameras will let you know the current conditions.
Mammoth Mountain California Webcams
While not in Tahoe, get a view of the conditions in the Eastern Sierras from the webcams at Mammoth Mountain.  From views of the mountains in winter for skiing to cams of the area for mountain biking, hiking and more.
Palisades Tahoe webcams summer
Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows resorts offer some of the best skiing and hiking available in the Lake Tahoe area.  The resort cams will give you an idea of conditions as well as crowds to help plan your visit.
Diamond Peak Ski resort Incline Village Peak Webcam link
Diamond Peak  resort offers great views and excellent skiing and riding for the entire family.  In addition to Winter conditions get insight into the conditions on the Incline Flume Trail which crosses the resort.
Sugar Bowl Ski Resort Lake Tahoe Webcam link
Sugar Bowl resort is near Donner Summit so is a great vantage point for hiking and skiing conditions along the summit.  Directly in line for storms heading East, the Sugar Bowl webcams give an advanced warning of weather coming to the basin.

Road Webcams | Lake Tahoe Resource for Planning Safe Travel

Cal Trans | California Highway Webcams

CalTrans Traffic Camera Map Lake Tahoe area
California Department of Transportation – CalTrans operates highway traffic cameras throughout the state.  When planning your trip to Lake Tahoe whether coming from Reno, San Francisco, Sacramento, Truckee or anywhere in California.  Additionally during winter, you can even see how the traffic to your favorite ski resort is flowing and what the snow conditions are.

NDOT | Nevada Road Conditions

Nevada Department of Transportation  operates cameras across Nevada and can be of great assistance in planning your trip to Tahoe from Reno – Tahoe International Airport – RNO, traveling Mt. Rose Highway NV SR431 or even heading across Nevada I-80 to get to Utah ski resorts, mountain biking destinations, parks or even all the way to Chicago.

Lake Tahoe Webcams & Webcam Links

Webcam Area Webcam Owner Webcam Link Type
Homewood view of Lake Tahoe ALERTWildfire Homewood view of Lake Tahoe | ALERT WildfireLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Heavenly view of Lake Tahoe ALERTWildfire Heavenly view of Lake Tahoe | ALERTWildfireLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Sunnyside Marina & Resort - West Tahoetopia - Sunnyside Sunnyside Marina & Resort - West | Tahoetopia - SunnysideLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Waterman's Landing - North Tahoetopia - Waterman's Landing Waterman's Landing - North | Tahoetopia - Waterman's LandingLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Edgewood Resort - South Edgewood Resort Edgewood Resort - South | Edgewood Resort - EarthcamLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Incline Village - Ski Beach IVGID Incline Village - Ski Beach | IVGIDLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
Lake Tahoe Visit Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe | Visit Lake TahoeLake & Mountain Conditions Webcam
50 - CA Highway 50 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 50 - CA Highway 50 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
80 - Interstate I-80 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 80 - Interstate I-80 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
267 - CA Highway 267 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 267 - CA Highway 267 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
28 - CA Highway 28 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 28 - CA Highway 28 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
431 - NV Highway 431 NV DOT - NDOT 431 - NV Highway 431 | NV DOT - NDOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
89 - CA Highway 89 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 89 - CA Highway 89 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
88 - CA Highway 88 Cal-Trans | CA DOT 88 - CA Highway 88 | Cal-Trans | CA DOTTahoe Traffic Webcam
Sugar Bowl Resort Sugar Bowl | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Palisades Tahoe Resort Palisades Tahoe | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Northstar at Tahoe On the Snow Northstar at Tahoe | On the SnowSki Resort Webcam
Homewood Resort Resort Homewood Resort | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Diamond Peak Resort Diamond Peak | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Sierra at Tahoe Resort Sierra at Tahoe | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Kirkwood Resort On the Snow Kirkwood Resort | On the SnowSki Resort Webcam
Heavenly Resort Resort Heavenly Resort | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Mammoth Mountain Resort Mammoth Mountain | ResortSki Resort Webcam
Mt. Rose Resort Mt. Rose | ResortSki Resort Webcam


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