Where to Stay in Lake Tahoe – Options Abound


All over Lake Tahoe (North, South, East, West), the summer is warming up.  As travelers near and far gear up to visit the magnificent mountain lake, the local businesses are also preparing for what is their most important season of the year.

While there are a lucky few who own a lakefront home with a boat dock and pretty much never need to leave, the rest of us have choices to make on where to stay.  Outside of a day trip for those living nearby, most have to choose between staying at a hotel, rent a place, or visit an area campground.  Each have benefits and much of the decision will be dictated by your individual circumstance.


There are numerous options for hotels in the area.  From the more budget friendly for a longer stay to the high end luxury experience and everything in between.

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Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

BEST for short stays or small groups as they are some of the most convenient options.  Usually more available to book on short notice, no minimum stays, and no cleaning fees.  From classic budget friendly cabins, to smaller hotel/casinos and on up to high end hotels and casinos there are numerous options.


Vacation Rentals:

From international companies such as AirBNB, VRBO and Homeaway to numerous local vacation rental options, there are some incredible options.

Whether a condo in one of the major resorts such as Heavenly, Squaw Valley, or Northstar with all the amenities, to independent quality budget options, these can be great options for smaller groups.

For families and larger groups, options abound.  If money is not an issue, then there are some amazing lakefront options.  However, for a group there are some great options to be had that are relatively affordable, offer ample space, and are relatively easy access to many of the Lake Tahoe recreational options.

VRBO offers a wide variety of Tahoe vacation rental options.


There are some absolutely amazing camping options throughout the Lake Tahoe region and beyond.  For many campsites, especially those close to the lake, advanced reservations are often needed and during the high season can be challenging to get.  There are many parks, but for the state parks Reserve California will have all of the information and options available.

In the Summer as well as early fall / late spring the weather in Tahoe is perfect for getting outdoors.  Whether sleeping in a tent, relaxing by the hotel pool, or enjoying a bbq on the patio of your vacation rental, there are accommodation options to fit everyone.

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  • TahoeReport
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Vacation Rental in Winter – potentially comes with the exercise bonus of snow shoveling.




Listen Live KTKE Tahoe Truckee Radio

Listen Live KTKE Tahoe Truckee Radio
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